about me

My father, Pratap Mulick, is a well-known illustrator and painter. My own artistic ability became apparent rather early. I have been drawing since the age of 5 and I started doing watercolour landscapes at the age of 13.

I received our governments National Talent Scholarship to study art, but I decided to major in engineering rather than art.

After graduation, however, I returned to my artistic inclinations and began doing architectural illustrations and other commercial and design work. I continued painting landscapes and giving art lessons as well.
Recently, however, having reversed these priorities, I am painting most of the time and spending less time teaching and very little in commercial work. I sometimes giveĀ  watercolor demonstrations in government art colleges in Maharashtra. I run my own watercolor courses at Art2day gallery. I also hold workshops occasionally, and teach a few students privately.

I have participated in many group shows throughout India, and have had 20 one- man shows in Mumbai and Pune. My paintings are in the collection of many private individuals and a few Corporate houses in India, USA, Europe as well as Japan and Singapore.

I have thus been painting for last 22 years or more on a regular basis and have, hopefully, created a place for myself in contemporary Indian art.

My home and family :)
I live in Pune, India with wife Keerti & two sons, Satej and Harshawardhan.


who is now 20 years old, draws and paints good enough if he gets time.


He is now 15 abstract expressionist. He has taught me to paint freely, pour as much paint without bothering about wastage or the cost.