In this section I wish to share some personal views on art and perhaps a few other bits of information with cyber readers.

Being An Artist
We all know that to be able to draw, or paint, or even to possess all the necessary technical painting skills, does not make one an artist. Every work of art is initiated with love and passion, and is an expression of the sum total of the artists personality. Technical skill is definitely required; but it is merely the tool to communicate ones message.
The thing that makes one artist different from another is attitude, and what makes an artist different from a non-artist is attitude. By attitude I do not mean growing a beard or acting in a certain way that one might expect of an artist. Rather, it is ones way of looking at things and observing the world in a kind of detached sort of way.
While I am sketching or painting outdoors, a sensation arises as if I am watching a movie or dreaming. I am fully involved with the scene, but somewhere inside, I am different. It is like being relaxed in my armchair. The beauty of the world becomes enhanced. This is a very pleasing sensation and, I think it is one of the best gifts of being an artist.

My Gurus, Teachers and other persons who have influenced me
I am an artist solely because of my father, who is a great painter/illustrator. Neither he nor I can remember a time that he actually taught me to draw, but I follow so naturally everything that he used to do.
In my formative years I had the privilege of interacting with two of my fathers friends. Both are respected Indian artists: 
Ravi Paranjape
and Shivaji Tupe. Ravi Paranjpe has a unique style of his own and a very great sense for design and color and, although my style of painting is unlike his, his influence will remain with me the rest of my life. Shivaji Tupe, is true a saintly figure who quietly sketches and paints watercolor continually. He is a most accomplished watercolorist and uses no gimmicks. My painting technique is not like his either, but he is a continual inspiration to me.

I began painting watercolor landscapes with my father very early in my childhood, but it wasnt until I saw some watercolors byEdward Wesson in a magazine that I became hooked forever. Later I became inspired by and learned a great deal from many western artists through their books. Below is a list of some of them who either directly and indirectly influenced me. The list also includes some of my favorite artists with a brief comment on what I admire most about their work. I do this to pay my gratitude and respect.

I will not comment on impressionists, such as John Singer Sargent or Winslow Homer, rather I will talk about more recent masters.

Charles Reid

He is a master as well as a great teacher through his books, and he is an all-time inspiration. I like the looseness of his design. His boldness flows. I also appreciate his celebration of colors. His paintings show a perfect blend of intellectual and emotional content.

John Pike

John Pike was one of my early influences, and remains one of my all-time favorites. He is a very powerful, and at the same time, a very honest landscape painter.

Edward Wesson

He shows great simplicity, boldness and mastery of brushwork (with his mop) He creates very subtle, soothing, and rich colors. Very British.

Edward Seago

I have only recently been exposed to Seagos work in books, thanks to Ron Ronson. Mr. Seagos work is simply great! It is bold, authoritive, and very, very honest work

John Yardley

I love his work. I especially like his bold, telling brushwork, and the spaces left unpainted. (A sort of return of Wesson.)

Phillip Jamison

I was greatly influenced by his books in my moulding days. I understood the idea of abstraction in a realistic painting. After that, I never felt that pseudo-shamefulness caused by some stupid modernists around us in those days.

Richard Schmid

His work is a dream of painters! Besides Sargent, I have not seen anybody who has mastered the art as well as Schmid. I think his art is indescribable.

Ken Howard

He is a very academic master painter. I like everything about his work.

Bernard Dunstan

Great great work! I think he is my most favourite painter and, as far as I am concerned, he has taken the impressionist movement to its peak.

Some of my recent favorite artists are:

Stephen Quiller

Great design, clarity of shapes, wonderful color schemes, and strong, defined brush work

Alvaro Castagnet

He is very dynamic and has a flawless technique. He is incredibly good.

Joseph Zbukvic

- Fantastic mood and air in the landscapes besides his superlative skills.

Ong kim Seng

Very pleasant work. Delicate line-work over rich, watery soothing washes. Some of his almost monochromatic Khatmandu landscapes are simply fantastic.

Arne Westerman

He paints real life in watercolor. He also has good design and a most unafraid style of painting. He has an ability to tell a story that very few have.