A painting a day keeps lot o things away…

22 thoughts on “A painting a day keeps lot o things away…

    1. Hi Milind,

      i tried to send email via your contact form but its not working, can you let me know your email address please, and by the way you do amazing paintings.


  1. When I see your painting feel a great respect and admiration for your art no doubt come from the profound of your Spirit
    Thanks master Milind
    from Chile
    Jorge Patricio

  2. Sir Its really amazing…..I have purchased your book on watercolor paintings….the paintings given there too are really mesmerising….I love water painting (I am slowly learning the basics of it).

  3. Hi Sir,
    I have 2 of your books and browsed all your works. I do atleast One watercolor every week as a discipline for past 2 years, despite my job. Truly inspirational Indian streetscapes.
    Want to attend your workshop desperately.

  4. I would like to attend a workshop or class during end of April. I tried calling all the numbers on your website and also tried to send an email. Please email me you are available in Pune those dates. I live outside India. Regards, Vandana. My email is vandanatilak@gmail.com

  5. Mind blowing painting!!
    Sir… i also paint bt im an amateur in dis …..
    I hav got gr8 skill bt i cant paint things of my own…. i always copy:(
    U r videos on youtube hav really helped me sir
    Thnk yu soo much
    I wish u upload many kore videos

  6. Hello im enjoying your demo snowscape here in northern eurooe. Im a begonner in painting but dont like the brushes i find in artshops here. Is it possible to buy through you or get the name of the one thinest you used in youtube demo snowscape.
    Kind regards Muha

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